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November 8, 2013

Fluffy Things

Fall is in full, wind-snapping rain-chilling bone-gnawing force outside, and I am (for evil stomach medical reasons) denied my tea. I’m sitting in my chair, wrapped in fleece pajamas, with fluffy socks and an ugly sweater to top it off.  The only thing that could make it even better (other than tea), would be a fluffy blanket.

Fortunately for me, I was able to find a blanket of a soft and cuddly nature at Target yesterday. It was on sale, AND it was printed with Ninja Turtles.  I will never deny that I am an utterly shameless fangirl for several geek properties, some waxing as others wane, but I have always, always loved the Ninja Turtles.

I couldn’t not buy it, you guys.  It was on sale.

Shhhh, random bout of conscience. They are magic words, meant to sooth your wallet worries away.  It was on saaaale.

With visions of couch snuggling with one of several books I’m meant to be reading, I trotted home.  I even set the mood with some delightful music and a reading lamp (for those whose minds went elsewhere, do not read by candle light.  You will ruin your eyes).  I unwrapped the blanket, shook it out and draped it over the couch, then went to grab a non-tea-hot-beverage.

On my return, I found my blanket completely occupied by two furry usurpers.  My two dogs, Sophie and Athena, wagged enthusiastically at me from their newly-filched nest, as if to say, “Mom! We’re so excited you brought us this present!  We humbly accept!”  They were so happy, so delightfully fluffy in my fluffy blanket that I couldn’t bring myself to steal it back.  I did get some reading done in front of my space heater, which was warm yet not snuggly.

There is a happy ending, though.  I managed to persuade the dogs at bed time to share the fluffy blanket all together.  Thus I got to cuddle fluffy things while wrapped in a fluffy thing.  And sweet dreams were had by all.