July 16, 2017

The Big San Diego Art Show Post

Well, folks, I did promise that I’d do a more in depth post on the bits and bobs I’m putting in the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show next week, so here we go!

I started by listing pretty much everything I might ever want to make.  This totaled about 35ish different kanzashi. Everything got weighed by feasibility and constructability (remember I’m still an entry-level sculptor, and I have no experience yet at wiring and armature…which now I think of it, could make an awesome goal for next year). Material options were weighed (Kermit the Frog must be made of felt. He must. Black Widow must be made of black leather. She MUST).

The list expanded because people kept suggesting things and then I really wanted to make them.  Then it subtracted as I started cutting things that I didn’t think I had the chops to make (I wanna sculpt a Gelfling, you guys, and a Skeksis, in the WORST WAY. But…I am just not skilled enough. SOMEDAY, my hair will terrify and awe passerby. That will not be next week, alas).

After the list was crunched and crunched and I went through a book of sticky notes (this is the most old school thing I do. All my lists of to dos and budgets and things are all on sticky notes…I know, I’m a dinosaur), I had a light bulb moment. An Iron Man kanzashi would be pretty neat. An Iron Man with glowing blue eyes would be an awesome thing that must exist in the world, via my hands. So I added mild electrical work into the mix. Then I thought of three or four more people that needed glowing eyes, for posterity, so they got added too.

You thought I was kidding about the sticky notes. Weep, O mortals, and despair.

Note: sculpting proper channels for LED placement is not for the amateur. I did it anyway. I like the results, but your mileage may vary. Everything I do is an experiment, and they are not all successful. Plan for this if you intend to try this stuff yourself. Buy extra supplies, and be prepared to modify on the fly. Also, accept that some things you make are just not going to be the best, and be ready to drop them and move on.


The Doctor Who Group

Old Who

New Who

Dalek and Blue Who

I’ve mentioned previously that I made a bunch of Doctor Who kanzashi for the Gallifrey One art show earlier this year. It was a no-brainer to include some of these in this show, so I did so. Many. Doctors. And a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, and a Tardis. Note that I was super tempted to make the Tardis glowy, and had to cut it for lack of production time. I lament this, and it will exist someday.

The Star Wars Group

Wooooookie *gggharrrll*

I had a lot of fun making these. Chewbacca was a happy accident resulting from getting fuzzy brown fur for something else. Leia had to happen, because the lack of Carrie Fisher in the world still makes me incredibly sad. And since I had a Leia, I needed a Rey. And you can’t do Star Wars without the droids. The droids are totally necessary (also, I’d already done a BB8, so I had that design mapped already). Then the glowy-eyed inspiration hit: JAWA. Must have an orange-eyed Jawa. …Star Wars has too many characters. I could have continued this list forever. Had to draw the line somewhere. I’m hoping The Last Jedi inspires me to do more of these next year!

The Marvel Group

The ones I didn’t make but wanted to was three stickies long…

This is all Captain America’s fault. I made a shield for the 4th of July, and it just downward spiraled from there. Glowy-eyed Iron Man is the cause of many a sleepless hour of wire-tweaking, sculpey-poking, and general suffering. And since I had those two, I decided I needed Black Widow because we need more sassy Russian spy up in this board. And wait! Black Panther is coming out this year! He could also have glowy-eyes! Also, I love Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel…and the world needs more Baby Groot. Essentially, the black hole that is the Marvel character database almost got me. Luckily for us all, I skipped blithely off the event horizon and ran screaming for my life. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more of these in the future, just that time constraints limited me this go round.

The DC Group

WONDER WOMAN *fangirls* Adam Weeeest *sad*

I am ashamed to say that DC is not usually my wheelhouse. However, Wonder Woman came out, and it was THE BEST. Then Adam West died, and so there had to be tribute of some kind for the many hours he entertained me during my childhood. And then it seemed kind of mean to have Wonder Woman and Batman, but no Superman. This category may expand in the future, dependent heavily on how I feel about the Justice League movie. I have…hope? But also caution.

The Video Games Group

PacMan’s petals have ghost eyes, and the ? Box has hand-drawn brick. Woo!

Why am I the only Valor player? *wibble*

I am an Atari and original Nintendo generation kid. This isn’t to say that I don’t still play games (my Steam catalog is…somewhat staggering), but the classics hold a special place in my heart. I tried to hit just a few of my favorites with Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and Metroid, but ran out of time for more. I am open to suggestions for deepening this in the future! (Yes, those are Pokemon Go teams in the back. Yes, I’m still playing. Yes, I am aware that they scheduled a convention thing in Chicago during the same time slot as San Diego. If they release legendaries during that event, I will loose a reign of blood and terror upon my hotel bar. Life is cruel sometimes.)

The Ghibli Group


Which should really be the Totoro group, except the version of the Soot Sprites I used was from Spirited Away and look sometimes the fluffy things just call to me, okay? Pet the Totoro if you get a chance. He is SO SOFT. I have so many things I need to make on this list. Someday there will be more awesome. SOMEDAY.

The Miscellaneous Leah-Loves-Them Things

Muppets and TMNT, both at one time made by Henson. Both awesome. Coincidence? I think not.

I couldn’t have a nerdcraft group of things without some Ninja Turtles in it. I just couldn’t. I’m incapable of passing it up, and because the challenge of glowing ninja eyes was a call too strong to ignore. Getting my Muppet on with Kermit the Frog also was a call too strong to resist.

They all shine so very pretty!

All of these pieces are available at the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show from Thursday July 20th to Saturday July 22nd. Please note that the Art Show is NOT in the convention center this year! They moved it over in the Hyatt, Grand Ballroom C & D. The whole art show is always worth a look, and this year it’s even open to the public (no badge needed). My stuff is priced both for bid and quick sale, between $15-$30.  Come check it out!