September 10, 2017

On Dinosaurs and Classical Fantasy

It’s funny in a sad way that while a writer might be furiously working on writerly things often in the their life, the measure of what a writer accomplishes is gauged solely by what the public sees completed. In that vein, UPDATES ON CURRENT PROJECTS:

I have a few things I’m working on write now (inner editor: no, leave it, it’s punny). First off is the Zombies Need Brains Anthologies of the Year: Guilds & Glaives, Insurgency, and Ur-Bar. I submitted to two of their three anthologies from last year’s project: Robots, Water, and Death!  Specifically, I had a lovely tale of escape from dystopian Atlantis, and death-in-training gets stuck on the mortal plane stories. Sadly, neither of my stories was selected from the open call, but the way I figure it, if I keep writing these for submission, I’ll have enough for my own anthology pretty soon. So, everybody wins? Thus far I’m working on a guild of spies tale and something something overthrow the gubment tale, but they’re very much in story infancy.

Novel: Novel is currently trapped in an editing hell of my own creation, and my illustrator is very, very ill. I don’t know if we’ll ever get the finished chapter drawings for this one. What she has finished is stunning stuff, and I don’t want to abandon those drawings at all, so I’m in wait and see mode. They say when you’re stuck on one novel, set it aside to come back to it later, so I’ve started another very different book. We’ll see if I can bounce between them successfully, or if we’ve got two more shoebox gems.

Children’s Book: The adventures of my tiny engineer/geologist and her Tyastrosaurus is in process. My illustrator and colorist are both super busy people, but we are slowly hammering out the details to get this one done. I’m thinking this one will be Kickstarted to get the printing done. I’m in charge of that part of it, and it’ll be my first project, which is both elating and terrifying. We’re going to do it right, though. Finish the book before we go for funding, and have all the possible stretch goals/budgets/fulfillment processes hammered out in advance. This takes more time than anyone would like, but better that than delay and not deliver on time.

On the crafty front: I have a table at KumoriCon in October where I’ll be selling my kanzashi. I’m also signing up for the Gallifrey One art show again next year, though I don’t know what I’m making for that yet.

In health news: Still don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I haven’t had another attack! Also, slowly introducing real food back into the diet. Two thumbs way, way up for real food. Now if I could just get my brain to solidly reboot so I could run on less than three cups of tea so strong you could dissolve corpses in it, that would be super. Surprise naps are fun for nobody, body. Not me…not my coworkers who think I’ve died at my desk…not my Mom who found me wedged into the sofa cushions at an impossible angle. More healing, let ambulances. I’m more than a little bummed that the health stuff has made me miss my local Rose City Comic Con, and all the joyous graphic novels therein. I missed Peter Capaldi AND Weird Al, you guys. A moment of silence for my inner nerd, please.