October 2, 2017

On Breaking My Mind in 858 Words or Less

…on a short story submission for the open call on the Zombies Need Brains anthology “The Razor’s Edge”. Murder most spacey. Flora most foul. These things go together, I promise.

It was a good writing night. It felt good. Perhaps too good. I had to make myself stop writing so I could get a full night’s sleep before the start of what will probably be a very hectic week at work. Because I pushed it too late, I saved the file, yet did not back it up to my external drive, like a smart professional person would. I’d send it to the cloud in the morning. That was soon enough, right?

…so of course my desktop refused to start up this morning.

It’s from 2010, with zero upgrades since it’s initial build; a dinosaur in computer years. I know it’s old and I need a new system. On many levels, I understand this. Been putting off it’s replacement for years, because vet emergencies, and car repairs, and school textbooks and supplies just take priority and then I scramble to rebuild my emergency fund when unexpected bills aren’t eating me alive.

So now I’m doing the sitting with the system unplugged for a bit thing, hoping against hope that once again when I plug it in, it will boot up this time. It’s worked before, twice. Yes. I let my desktop system come back from the dead twice and still have not replaced it. I have a zombie system that is double plus undead. I see that look. I understand it. I still don’t have the money to replace it. It avails me not at all for you to glare and roll your eyes.

I can pull the file off the hard drive if the system is dead. I can fix this. It’ll just take time to rip it open and pull the drive and connect it to another system to hunt down the files and transfer them.

And…I was on such a roll, you guys. I’ve set up a log for myself this month to track how much I’m writing every day in October, for the purposes of data analysis and building good habits.  This…hampers my plans somewhat. Not to say that I’m going to let this stop me. I am annoyed, and therefore I will fight all the harder, with the possible addition of cookies as angry fuel.

If the system doesn’t boot when I get home tonight, I will pull out the old school laptop and use that to write…but I’ll have to shelve the short story I was working on and excited about until I can resurrect it from the data bits. Switching gears means I’ll lose the tone and the thread of the story, which I had finally gotten jumping.

Also, GUH, shopping for desktop PCs is such a black hole of internet comparisons and incompatible parts and OMG the thingy must do the thingy or your other thingy won’t work! (Yes, I am a computer engineering student. Bask in the joy that I find shopping for computers just as baffling and annoying as the rest of you. Honest to Bono, there is no reason why my video card is creating a tiny Chernobyl in my case unless I get this one brand of power supply. Who designs that and then doesn’t note it in the paperwork? There isn’t even a suggested compatible unit! ….done with technology rant now).

And now I’ma just stare for a while at the Ava Direct Avatar VR setups and just wish I could win a lottery or something. SO PRETTY. SO FAST. So capable of eating my life with delightful, delicious games and so suuuuuch a bad, bad idea. Haha.