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Over Leaf, Under Bone

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In the kingdom of Tuchwald, not everything is as it seems. The King doesn’t rule, people sometimes aren’t people, and vast dark forests protect a mighty secret. The heir to the kingdom, Odelya, has spent her life cowering in the shadow of the immortal Overlord, Emerlich. When tragedy starts to strike from every turn, she must find the courage to flee from her forest to the rugged kingdoms of the North. Armed with a magic spindle, a fish hook, and her mother’s ring, she learns how hard life is for the unprivileged, but before long, trouble arrives in a familiar form. Can a princess who is no longer a princess save both her past kingdom, and her future? A thrilling, action-packed fantasy adventure (with a dash of romance) based on the Grimm’s fairy tale Allerleirauh.

Cover image by the lovely and talented Erica Parks.



Guilds & Glaives – Anthology story The Witch That Wasn’t



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(August 2015)

You suddenly wake up in a white room with no doors, no windows, and no memory of how you got there.  Modern Day Sci-Fi.


(August 2015)

Sandy doesn’t dream, but she wants to. Half a paycheck on the black market buys her some secondhand dreams, but they are not at all what she expected. Near Future Sci-Fi.